Just the Tonic

IMG-20180523-WA0004Just The Tonic……….I get this health thing is tiring…I get that at times the duvet or sofa is where we prefer to be…& I advocate times of retreat & self care…But I also get that continuous isolation is not good for the soul…We are tribal by nature…We require sociable interaction…But when broken or damaged we struggle to be convivial…But to persevere brings that which our inner self craves…By all means be selective in your company…Choose those who will support & accept you…Those with open minds & open hearts…Those who are optimistic & bring their own sunshine…Not those who will tell you how to “cure” yourself…Nor those make you doubt yourself…& certainly not those who take rather then give…Opt for the ones who cocoon you in a bubble of positivity & understanding …The ones who allow you to just be you…Those individuals who are inherently patient & tender of nature…These are your best & ideal tribe…These souls are the “Tonic” of life…NL x

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