Gravity………Now I am not talking of the gravity of my situation with my health…I do not see my situation as such but rather as something that has to be managed…No I am talking of literal gravity…The force that keeps all things just as they should be on this planet…Feet on the floor…Buildings on the ground…Sea, shoreline & sky just so…It’s an amazing wonder of physics & nature…However for me gravity can be at times a tad trying…One of the many joys of Fibro is dropsy…The unlimited ability to drop an object upon attempting to picking it up…Or the talent of knocking things that, naturally end up due to gravity, on the ground…It’s not gravity’s fault…It’s the poor co-ordination & grip that comes my particular symptoms…Sometimes it’s because my focus is only half there…Tiredness effecting my cognitive…Fibro fog!another joy!…But mostly it’s because my grip is not what it was…So though I admire gravity in all its splendour there are many times I truly wish it didn’t exist…But it does & we need it…The clumsy dropsy I could do without…& not being caught up in the “gravity” of life my choice…But planet gravity? well it just has to be…NL x

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