Transformation………Even though things may seem confusing…And although all may have changed…Within your frustration & uncertainty a new way lies ahead…Try to see the positive through your doubts, bewilderment & pain…Embrace these new pathways that will open & move towards them with open heart…Welcome the new that will appear when you look with open eyes…Though things may seem uncertain & old doors now are closed…Look ahead to new horizons & be accepting of the new that is revealed…Where old ways have once been your comfort they have lead you where you are…It is time now to metamorphosize & move forward to the new & plenty ahead…Each portal that does reveal takes you closer to your own real self…Be strong within your courage & walk now with new resolve…See all transformation as positive…Recognise your own true self within this new abundance… Choose not to stay within the old…Transform now to the real you…Be content & look ahead…For within transformation comes the truest most honest realisation of self…NL x

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