Foolproof Failure!!…


Foolproof Failure.!!………..I have a system to help me remember things…This especially applies for things such as appointments…It requires the writing of information in at least 3 places…These three places being…Diary…Weekly reminder on fridge…Note pad near to myself…Now usually this works really well…But occasionally, usually due to a flare of my symptoms, things can & do go awry…

Cognitive is always a joy with Fibro…But when a flare up occurs my ability to think becomes a real challenge…This is often the point that my foolproof system fails!!…This can & has, amongst other things, resulted in me not attending aforementioned appointments…The ability for me to forget what day it is or get my days/times/appointments muddled up is quite impressive…

But this too shall & does pass…My brain returns to its normal, if not a bit addled, state of cognitive ability & life chugs along as before…My system , for the most part, returns to being foolproof…It used to have me most frustrated when my system failed…But now I roll with it & take this “failure” as an indication that some extra “down time” is required…Awareness of self is for me everything in managing my health…NL x

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