Lead Weight…


Lead Weight………..No I am not talking about taking up weight training…Well not for me anyway…I’d rather swim thanks very much…But I am talking about feeling like a lead weight…I have had a rather lovely sociable weekend….However I knew that there would be a pay back from my body for doing so…

I managed last night to pretty much sleep, on the whole undisturbed, for 12 hours!!…Oh to feel refreshed from such a sleep…But no, today I am a lead weight…My feet have, metaphorically speaking,  heavy boots on…My arms the same…My brain is away with the fairies…& I resemble a bloated sumo wrestler…So sleep I may have had…But rested I am not…

I will take this week to recover & regroup my energy, such as it is, before being sociable again this weekend…I do not intend to miss out on good company because my body doesn’t want to go out & play…After all there will be plenty of time for staying in when the seasons change & the nights draw in…I can & will manage my body & enjoy life…NL x

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