Support & Talk…


Support & Talk………..It has to be said, & though it requires effort, spending time with good people makes my world a better place…For me it is a no-brainer to be around those who naturally give out positive & therefore lift my spirits…These days I find that I am naturally drawn to those who bring laughter & understanding…Spending time with people who are generous of heart is most positive for anyone’s well being…

There is enough for me to deal with without others draining my energy…I choose now to be with those who are symbiotic in their kindness of soul…These are the ones in life that naturally give back…There is no effort in their generosity…There is no hidden agenda…They have a purity within the cohesion of their nature…Those with a changeable nature are best left to take their journey…I find more & more that I covert my energy….I have become very aware of who I share mine with…Which I feel is a very good way to be…NL x

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