Platitudes & Advice…


Platitudes……….I was diagnosed many years ago with Fibro…Other added body not working properly” things have happened prior & since….For the most part I am adjusted to this…I find solutions & adapt to the new way of life for me…One thing that used to annoy me but now it on the whole amuses me  is the platitudes & advice given by well meaning people who haven’t a clue but think they know best..Let me give some of the many given…& my often given reply…

Platitude “Ooo I know just how you feel”

Me “No you don’t, unless you are me with identical issues”

Platitude “Hope you feel better soon”

Me “Unlikely until the Dr’s work our what causes Fibro, though I do have some days that are less crap than others”

Platitude “A good sleep will do you the world of good”

Me “That would be a novelty”

Advice “Have you seen the Dr?”

Me “No I thought i’d muddle through on my own”…I’ll let you guess my tone of voice!!

Advice “Do you think it could be…….” endless list of possible illness’s given…

Me ” No as the symptoms are completely different, but thanks for the advice cause I haven’t done anything to find out why my body is poorly”

Advice part one “You should try…..(another endless list of miracle cures that strangely the Dr’s haven’t thought of or I wont have tried, most of which I either have tried or am doing already) it cured my friend”

Me “Oh did they have Fibro(etc)??”

Advice part two “No but you never know it might work”

Now I know this is all meant well…& I know its because they thing they are helping…& maybe I am different as i only give ideas or relate to my journey…I do not presume to know another’s story or tell them how to take their journey…However people do seem to like to do this with me…I am not an idiot, I have the certificates to prove that I am not & said certificates & life has given me very helpful knowledge…I have & still do & always will seek out that which may aid me in finding a way to alleviate my health issues…

Whilst some may soak up the (secondary gain) attention that they receive from being ill & have no (often sub conscious) intention of becoming well again…I would very much like to be well again…To be back to full health…To sleep & feel refreshed…To work & have my purpose…To not have to juggle & manage my every plan…To enjoy a drink & some fancy food…To be better than I was…To aid others, should they wish to, to achieve the same…

So as much as I realise that others are trying to help…Just do do me one  thing treat me like a regular person…Unless you’ve got Fibro(etc) & are ahead of me in the “find a cure race” in which case i’m all ears…NL x



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