Done & Dusted…


Done & Dusted……….There was a time when I could blitz through the house like a whirling dervish…On reflection housework is, on the whole, quite pointless…But if we want to live in a healthy environment then a level of it has to be done…These days, for me, any housework is measured up before being tackled…Some days objectives will be achieved…Other days they will not even be attempted…

A stool in my kitchen is sat on to do the washing up, which I might ad is not done everyday…Said stool is also sat on to prep food…Another stool which swivels (very handy) is used in the bathroom to shower, brush teeth etc & also for cleaning tasks…Yet another stool (non swivelling) is used to sit on for tasks such as dusting…In fact sitting to accomplish tasks is usually par for the course…

My methodology of saving energy then allows me to achieve other more fun intents…My home though comfy & cosy has to be kept free from clutter…I do think sometimes that I could de-clutter more…Keeping things relatively simple facilitates the need for the minimum of housework to keep it clean(ish)…

I have never been one for dusting skirting boards or picture frames on a regular basis…It will wait…I do things as I am able…Living is more important to me than polishing or mopping… Having the energy to go out & or socialise trumps cleaning for me…

We as humans seem to collect our memories in “stuff”…But actually our memories are in us, not the things we collect…So phooey to housework I’m going to save my energy for the fun stuff…NL x

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