Needs of others…


Needs of others……..I have not yet met a person with Fibro that hasn’t been a busy helpful soul who has tended to put others first…It is difficult when illness strikes for each individual to cope with all the changes that come…But it can be even more difficult for those around this person to adapt & realise that the person they have known will not be as they were…The person that they know is still there but we are changed….

For me the unpredictability of my illness is the hardest for me to cope with…I struggle to find things that I can be consistently involved in…I have spoken before about dipping in & out of the world…This is still very prevalent…Where others can plan & look ahead to goals…I have to be constantly flexible…I have to try not to be disappointed when my health prevents me from doing that which I want to do…& this can be for months not the odd day…An added illness for me can wipe me out for quite some time…

I get that for others this must be frustrating…But I have my own frustrations to deal with & do not have the time or energy to cope with their needs…So at times the only choice is to let go of something…Even if its something that I really want to do…By letting go I can allow something else to manifest…The journey to finding my place to be may well change & adapt within my world of Fibro…But I shall not stop looking for ways to be part of the world rather than an observer…Even if where I am & what I find to do does not last forever…It can simply be my “for now” place…NL x

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