Another Fine Day…

2015-09-27 15.02.14

Another Fine Day………..When I wake up & before I am fully aware of which bits ache I take a moment to be thank full of this new day…For each day has the potential to be a good day, a Fine Day…& we have the ability to make it a Fine Day…Each day begins anew with promise & hope…Each day is a gift…An opportunity to achieve new things…Each day has the possibility of adventure…With each new day may come new challenges…How we embrace this is our choice…How we choose to be in this new day is up to us…

I try to remember that others may not have this new day…Even on my worst days I will choose to see something positive…I will observe the purity of life…I will appreciate the wonder of existence…I will absorb the positive energy that is nature…I do my best not to be negative, for this is negative for my well being…To see & feel the positive is self perpetuating…So for me every day has the ability to become Another Fine Day…NL x

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