2015-09-27 14.50.22

Connections……….I find that as life proceeds forward that connections with some fade away…I feel it is because as we travel through life our needs & learning curves evolve…Some keep the same friends & people around them their whole life…Perhaps for them their life path is calmer & more staid than mine…My path has always twisted & turned with many adventures & transformations…Change has always been intricate to my journey…As my life path has progressed so the energies around me have altered…I have tried at times to keep some of the connections but the effort is too great…I find naturally that distance increases…Eventually the connection just drifts away…

This is not illness related but more I feel life related…I still have a close knit group that time & distance does not effect…The other energies come & go as they are meant to…It matters not how that connection has manifested…As they say “Time & tide waits for no man”…Maybe this also relates to our life connections…Someone we once related to becomes someone we have outgrown…They become an energy that we have no connection with…They & we simply pass though each others worlds on the way to the new…

I believe strongly in Karmic connections…With a deep Karmic connection the link stays…This is an energy that has shared many times with your energy…Other Karmic links are only here to provide learning & growth & then a parting naturally occurs…So these days I do not question why I no longer have a connection with another…I merely am thankful for the time I spent with them & I move on…Life is fluid & I believe that all things within life should ebb & flow…If we become “stuck” then how we will become the best version of who we can be??….NL x

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