Worry Ye Not…

2015-09-27 14.57.58

Worry Ye Not……..Why worry….For we cannot change that which will be…By doing so we merely fret & waste our precious energy…We are but human & do by our nature worry…But try oh do try not to do so…Even if you only manage to do this in a small way…Allow the powers that be to handle the “stuff”…Be happy to be in the moment…We will worry but lets do our best to alter how much we worry…Some will worry more than others the level that we worry relates to the journey we have taken so far…

These days I try my best to worry less…To reduce my overthinking…I do & will try my best to rationalise my worries & reduce their power…I will take faith in the times of the past when my worries have dissolved into the ether…I will remember how many times I have emerged unscathed from my worries…I will see the power of not worrying…I will do my best to be aware & remember that I am not on my own in this journey…

I will reflect on this next time I start to worry…& I will do my best to reduce or desist from this pattern of behaviour…For to worry is detrimental to my well being…For me moving forward it is important that this worrying is more under control…I will start to release my worries & let them go…I will trust in the bigger picture…& I will begin to react differently….I will, as we all should, put my well being first…NL x

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