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Focus……..?!?….Oooo I wish….Even on my best days I have, on average, the brain and concentration of a butterfly…Actually I am pretty sure that butterflies have far more focus than myself…But puppies now they have, from what i have observed, the same attention span as myself…They begin something only to be distracted by something else that seems much more interesting…This is very much me….I often chuckle at my ability to do this…I have spent today so far doing exactly this…Starting one thing & then another, without necessarily finishing the previous task…

This happens more often than not when the changing of room has occurred…It is very easy for me to walk into a room & begin a task, if I then change rooms I may well forget the first task & begin another…The first task is still in my brain somewhere but the new task is in front of me & therefore takes my attention…The only solution is for me is lists…I have also learn’t to put things in plain sight….If what I need to do is in front of me then usually it will be accomplished…Though not always…

My worst habit at the moment is getting ice cube trays out of the freezer to slightly defrost so I can transfer the cubes into a tub in my freezer…Much easier to get them out of the trays…Except I have, more than once. forgotten that I have got them out…Upon my return to the kitchen they are merrily defrosting & have to be returned to the freezer…Most annoying…So now i will do this when I am in the kitchen doing something else…So as I always say “for each challenge or problem there is generally a solution”…& my challenge today is I will try to focus on finishing what I have started!?!…  😉  NL x

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