Invisible Me…

2015-07-19 17.18.37

Invisible Me………….I am not talking when people don’t see you because you are on a scoot or in a wheelchair…I am used to this reaction when i am out on my scoot…Though I do tend to be very vocal when I need to be, so many do not get the choice to ignore me…But I do find it odd, in this supposed day & age of acceptance of mental health & disability in society, that many simply ignore the person in front of them??…For that is what we all are, people, all of which have a journey, none of which do not have “issues”…

I have never meet anyone who isn’t having, or hasn’t had, some form of difficulty in their lives…Now it’s not this type of invisible, the invisible health struggle, it’s the invisibility from life in general… The world turns…People go to work…They socialise…They go out shopping….But for some of us this is not always an option…So we become invisible…Forgotten & overlooked…The world is fast paced &  hectic…If you are quiet no-one will trouble themselves to find out why….They are far too wrapped up in their own world, their own importance…

So here I sit, as do many…Quietly…Invisibly…Often emotionally…Watching the world carry on without me..For I am one of the broken ones…One of the ones that does not function as I would like to, or as others find acceptable…I did not choose this, like many others who have not…But it is how it is…When I do venture out it is often with apprehension…For this is a world that throws away, only to quickly, that which does not work properly anymore…So that which is broken is ignored, overlooked & pushed from the mind…

The energy required for me not to be invisible is more often than not just not available…Because of this I dip in & out of the world erratically…This prevents me being consistent, even though I want to be…So I shrink back into my invisibility…It has become a safe place…A place I have grown used to…A place that I am almost fond of…I know that I am not alone in my invisibility…People are in general are too busy to notice or ask why I have disappeared…They are too self absorbed…Too wrapped up in their own world…This seems to be the world we live in now…Well some of us do…The invisible ones such as myself live on the outside of all the activity…But maybe that’s not such a bad thing??…NL x

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