“Fed Up Days”…


“Fed Up Days.”……….We all get them…These are the days when I feel “fed Up” for no particular reason…Most days I tend towards the positive in my mood…But some days I am just flat & fed up…Couldn’t tell you why, they just happen…Its not, as some might conclude, depression its just one of my “fed up days”..It will pass, it has done so before, & my will mood lift back to its usual self…

My Dr says that I have every right to have “fed up days” & that this is normal & in many respects very healthy…I do not have prolonged spells of “fed up days” that run into weeks, that would equal depression…& though i am sure some may advise me to pop off to my Dr’s & get “happy pills”, that’s not for me…I have sensibly had the “depression” discussion with my Dr…”Fed up days” for me are not in my case a sign of depression…I am not a fan of medication & neither is my body…

I am very aware of my mental health…I am tired at the mo’ & my Vit D is low, both of which can result in a “fed up day”….Oh yeah & I have long term chronic illness’s which can also give me the odd “fed up day”…So I will allow myself my “fed up days” now & again…I will cosset myself more than usual on these days…I will not do anything that I do not want to…

These are often the days when being in my own company is my best solution…These are also the days when looking after self is even more of a priority…In my book putting my needs first is absolutely fine…In fact its more than fine…No guilt or explanation required…Put simply this is the way it has to be for me…I come first…& if others don’t “get it” then that’s fine to…’Cause the ones that do get it will replace the ones that don’t…NL x

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