Vit’ It Up….


Vit’ It Up…………..With Food allergies, another joyful part of Fibro for some of us, comes possibility of vitamin deficiencies…For me it is my Vit D that my body seems to struggle to keep in balance…This is apparently quite common for those of us with food allergies…It relates, so the experts say, not only to our bodies inability to tolerate certain foods but its struggle to actually absorb & process the foods that we do consume…Oh & the lack of sunlight…I had a sneaky suspicion that  low Vit D might be my the cause to my present excessive lethargy…

We know that Vit D is enhanced & produced by the absorption of the suns rays…Just to clarify for or those of us in England Sun is the bright yellow glowing thing that can occasionally be seen in the sky!?!….If this weather phenomenon does manifest it is usually accompanied by a clear blue sky…Though when this event does actually occur it is more likely, for Blighty,  that there will also be clouds & maybe some rain!?!… So those in a sunnier climate have the advantage of benefiting from said sunshine & its naturally occurring medicinal benefits…

I have had low Vit D before so it should’ve red flagged in my brain & it kinda did…I have food allergies & no gallbladder, so its not rocket science that this can happen…Mix into that my Fibro & on average low sunlight hours & its not difficult to see why my Vit D crashes…Except that it catches me out…The last few weeks I have been very over tired & achy with no power in my quads…One very big blood test latter & low & behold my Vit D needs a top up…Onto the web I go to search for a “free from” organic liquid Vit D supplement!!…Hurrah Holland & Barrett have one!!…Add to that a huge shop for Vit D rich foods & a new S.A.D lamp on order & the problem will be solved…

So though I blame everything on my Fibro sometimes it is not & that actually this issue is something that many others are struggling with…”Phew” says me as its always a relief to find that this “relapse” is something that is actually quite “normal”…So I say be vigilant, be aware & be observant…& if you are still unsure about whats going on then maybe get a blood test done??…It worked for me…NL x

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