Weather Warning…


Weather Warning……….Now just to clarify i am not a weather warning, well not as such….So do not ask me how the weather for next week is going to be…However my body seems to be very good at forecasting & feeling the changes in the weather & atmospherics…I am not so good at doing the same…So I will frequently feel rubbish before the change occurs…My health appears to be directly affected by changes in atmospherics…Not a huge surprise really…Seriously I could work for the met office!!…No computer required!!…

It took me a while to connect the changes in me to the weather altering…I am still not always aware that the change in myself is the preamble to a weather change…Heavy cloud literally gives me a headache…Rain makes me ache, obviously…Frost doesn’t make me ache at all??go figure??…Snow is fine once it has fallen but i ache before it comes??…Warmth is welcomes…Heat not so much…

I have managed work out that if the atmosphere is dry, be that hot dry or cold dry, then my body is sort of ok…But if its damp heat or damp wet then things are not so good for me…So a weather health warning to myself I have become…I just need to increase my proficiency at the “reading” of the signals that my body is giving off…Then hopefully I can manage what I do more successfully…Though I do think it’s acceptable, when I’m juggling so many factors. that one of my “awareness balls” occasionally gets dropped!!…After all to be fallible goes hand in hand with being human…NL x

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