Body & Mind…


Body & Mind…….I have found that in life at random times the mind & body do not always work in sync….Whilst the mind might be most willing, almost over willing, to muster ideas…The body may not be quite so willing or keen to achieve them…As we know this happens to the majority of people within their lifetime…With Fibro (& my other stuff)it happens all the time…

My brain has all these brilliant ideas of what we could do…I never was a do nothing kind of person…I am still a fidget and I am constantly trying to do something…My body however is not very obliging…It reminds me of a tantrum diva who doesn’t want to do anything…I can hear it saying “oh it’s soooooo not fair!! I have to do everrrrrything!!” with a large sigh & a poor me pout…So I try my best to reason & negotiate with my body…Much as you would with a difficult stubborn child…

I feel generally that I am two halves…My mind is one part of me & my body the other… My mind is the “me” part of this equation, keen and willing….& my body is the other half, the illness, the unhelpful difficult part of my life…But apply reason I shall…& negotiate I will…For life is full of challenges…This challenge can be managed…Patience is required…I can do that…I am learning to be more so…Each day I remind myself that compared to other peoples life challenges & battles my situation is a breeze…NL x

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