Lost Days…


Lost Days…….I don’t mean that i have actually lost them…It’s the days when i’m not really aware of them passing…This normally relates to me being over over tired…Or times when I am battling an added issue to my usual health…I have a home made flip day calendar by my bed and when I go to sleep I turn it over to the next day…When I wake at least I know what day it is…

There are many times when I sit at bedtime and turn over to the next page and think… “Where did today go??” or even “Where did that week go??”…It is difficult at times not to feel left behind…It is not uncommon for me to feel that I am an observer of life rather than a participant…This feeling of drifting through life can be at times rather lovely…At other times it can be most frustrating…I have, and still do sometimes, feel overwhelmed by the changes that have occurred in my life and the place that I find myself these days…It is the lack of consistency that as a “doer” like myself I find the most challenging…

Going with the flow has its place and i do do this…But freedom of choice also so important…We all like to feel that we can have some influence in our path ahead…And though i can feel the bigger picture gong on within my life, being able to choose the “smaller pictures” would be rather nice…You can’t get those days and weeks back…For me my days, weeks and months seem to merge and blend…But i won’t give up…I will simply do my best to increase my awareness of every moment…Whatever that moment may be…Each moment is precious…No matter the challenge or the gift..NL x

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