Bumble Along…

bumble about

Bumble Along………Despite my best efforts there are times when i definitely bumble along…Which i have decided is just fine…I can plan all i like but things at times will just do there own thing…Which is also ok…There are times when just going with the flow is actually good…In fact it’s more than good…Though we may have a plan, maybe the bigger plan is not to plan…??

I know i will still plan…It’s in my human nature to do this…But i am going to try my best to shift these thought patterns that i have in my head…I will in the future deal with the things that i can influence…I will plan for the things that i am able to do so…As for the rest of life i will leave it to follow the path that it is meant to…Because the bigger picture has so got this all sorted…This greater influence has proved many times that it knows what it’s doing with this life of mine…Even if i can’t see it until it unfolds…

I didn’t see my illness coming…And i didn’t see the changes that it would bring…I also couldn’t stop it or plan for it…But i can choose to learn from it…I can choose to see the positive within it all…And i can choose to be the best version of me that i can be…I can choose to be kind to myself and others…Especially to those who don’t get my illness…So these days i choose to embrace my new purpose…It’s not what i planned…But the bigger plan the one i can’t see, which has been and i’m sure will be, full of adventures is the one i will choose to bumble along with…NL x

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