Extra Blankets!!…

2015-01-14 09.19.12

Cold & Tired……….Fibro throws up many symptoms…It is to say the least complicated and multi faceted…Most of them i am very aware of…Usually i get an inkling that something is out of balance…But one of the symptoms that has and does catch me out is when i get cold…I mean real cold, a proper in your core cold…It is usually accompanied by a headache and extreme tiredness…My only solution is a very early night and extra blankets…

My problem with this one is that i am not aware of overdoing things…It also has no logic to when it occurs…The weather at the mo is quite mild and rather pleasant…So why this happens it a mystery to me…It’s on the DR Melisa Kaplin’s check list for symptoms so i get that’s is my Fibro…It is definitely one of the more random and unpredictable behaviours of Fibro…I cannot find any pattern in its behaviour…

I have tried to find the trigger but there is not one that i can see…It comes on unexpectedly and then disappears pretty much overnight… Most of my Fibro is always there…Mostly the various aspects of my Fibro just sit and linger…The weather is a powerful factor in my levels of well being…For me warmer weather usually brings a slight respite in the severity of my aches and pains…But this cold thing just has me flummoxed…So back to plan “A” and to living somewhere rather warm and restorative…NL x

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