Food Glorious Food…


Food Glorious Food………Not so much for me…I have always had quite a journey with food…From sickness when young and even to now, the joy of Fibro….From a childhood diagnosis of IBS to Reflux Esophagitis  to Gastritis and then to gallbladder removal…Diet and food have been a a huge part of this journey.

I was making changes in my diet way before all the fads that we have today…My main list of allergen no no foods are wheat & gluten, Cow dairy and soy, Vinegar and mustard…To name but some….I also struggle digesting skins…I do low sugar and have to use natural sugars…Cucumber gets peeled, peppers sadly avoided and onions have to be cooked…The list goes on….My body likes pure unprocessed food with no additives or rubbish in it…If you think about it the fact that my body doesn’t like rubbish food is a bonus.

My philosophy is if you eat & drink rubbish and you will feel rubbish…And if you Eat and drink healthy and you will feel in general far better…On the whole this works for me…my food is my medicine….Copious amounts of anti inflammatory foods i do eat…I just wish that the world of catering would catch up…Food allergies and dietary lifestyle choices are ever expanding….

So you would think that ever mindful of a profit that the options out there would have increased….Supermarkets are constantly improving there Free From ranges…But the area that is the mobile catering world is sadly still generally full of burgers and grease…Restaurants also are still sadly are falling behind….So i say to the catering world “Come on food glorious food for all”….Its time they all caught up on the needs of today rather than staying in the past…NL x

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