Let In The New…


Let In The New………Life as we know is quite a roller coaster of a ride…Even the most sedentary of lives has its ups and downs….And within this we can have a tendency to hold onto our past…I know i have and at times still do…Point in fact my journey with dentists and my teeth…I have periodontitis, to those in the know you will understand how tricky this is to manage…For those who do not it is really impressive gum disease…This has in, resulted despite my best efforts, the loss of a tooth…

The tooth in question is at the top front and centre…And i am very aware of it not being there…I have tried a denture but it is not for me comfortable…So i thought ok gap it will be then…It could be worse…So no smiling on photos or in public for me with my mouth open…Or opening my mouth too much when i laugh or talk…I can do that…Though if i am honest it does bother me…I try not to be vain, but appearance is a very personal perception and i would like a tooth where the gap is…

My journey with dentists, especially male ones, and dental treatment in general has not been pleasant…Add into the mix Fibro and life gets trickier…However i met a few years ago a brilliant female dentist who educated me on my dental care routine which has equalled for me much healthier teeth…And i discovered the joy of intravenous sedation for treatment…

A further change of dentist (due to a change of my circumstances) has lead me to a young male dentist who though i was wary of seeing (past baggage) i am so glad that i have…New generation…New knowledge…New ideas…And the real possibility of a denture that will be comfortable and that i am able to wear…I may even be a pioneer for others with Fibro…So i’d say that’s a win win…So like me don’t settle for the old find the new people that bring the positive to your life…What we have always known has the potential to hold us in the past…So let it go move forward and let the new in….NL x

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