Take A Break Day…

2015-07-19 17.17.05

Take A Break Day…….I do this especially if i have had a busy few days…This week i have had appointments that i could not avoid…This is all fine and dandy but it’s exhausting…I find it is all quite stressful and this certainly causes my usual tiredness levels to reach new heights…I always think i have reached the top of my tiredness mountain but Fibro has this knack of saying “Oh no you haven’t i can make you feel much worse” …It is most irksome…

Sleep & rest are the only solutions for myself…Sleep comes though more usually rather broken…Even if i do have an unbroken nights sleep the waking up part seems to take even longer??…The “heaviness” i feel upon waking after a “deep sleep” is quite extraordinary…My legs feel like they have lead weights on the end…My brain is even slower to respond…And my ability to forget that which i have just done is exceptional…

But i know this will pass…So i take the time i need to recharge to a level of energy that allows me to function for myself at a “normal” level…That’ll do for me….I am happy to potter…I accept that even on good days i will have to limit my activity…I get that what i achieve in a day is vastly different to many others…But to be fair i have done my rushing about…That’s what lead to me being poorly in the first place…

So what if life has to be more sedentary, so be it..I would rather have a life and take things at my pace than shorten my life pushing myself too extinction…If i have to be the Tortoise rather than the Hare then i’m good with that…And actually if i do remember correctly the Tortoise did rather well…NL x

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