Numb It Up…


Numb It Up…….Fibro for me = 0 pain threshold…Living with pain is very different to having extra pain inflicted…Medication and i are not generally compatible either…However on my journey with Fibro i have found three things that do help me…When i need to have blood test or needle put in my arm i get this fabulous cream that numbs the area thus allowing the needle to be pain free… For dental work intravenous sedation for me is the only way…And lastly but certainly not least laughing gas, always a giggle…All of these at times have enabled me to get through a situation which would have previously caused me stress, anxiety. and pain..

Its been a journey to find these solutions but find them i have…I have learnt to ask questions…To say when i am not happy…In short i have lean’t to look after my needs….I have learn’t not to just put up with discomfort and pain…I have learn’t not to just grit may teeth and put up with the extra pain…I feel i am right to educate others to how Fibro is for me…By doing this maybe just maybe others will benefit from the new knowledge that i have shared…

Being honest and open has been an asset to me…Asking questions about how things can be different has brought me gains and peace of mind…Allowing others to have the same knowledge has brought me a feeling of having a purpose…So next time you are stressing about something that you cannot avoid which you know may cause you pain ask the question…For your well being ask the question “how can this be more comfortable for me?”…Ask it loud and do not settle for anything that does not make the situation better for you…After all it is our own well being that should come first…NL x

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