To Bee Content…


To Bee Content……We hustle and we bustle and we rush about trying to obtain what we think we need…We take for granted our energy and our ability to do as we please…And then our bodies says “No more”…”I have had enough”…”I am tired and i need to rest”…”And i may need to rest for a very long time”…

This is what my body has done…Looking back there were many warning signs…If i reflect on my health there was a definite pattern…There was a clear progression to where i am now…With hindsight if i had altered my course, might i have been able to alter the outcome??…Would i be as i am now??…Honestly…I doubt that things would be any different…I believe that we tread a path that is already chosen…Our actions and choices take in the directions that we are meant to go…

To be busy and productive is the way of life…But there is more than one way to be helpful…To have purpose comes in many forms…What we once did does not have to be that which we do now…To take from the now and see the positive for not only ourselves but for others is a gift we can all obtain…We not be the busy Bee’s that we once were, but that’s ok…For we can be the busy Bee’s that we are now….NL x

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