Pardon…….Now just to clarify i am not talking about a Royal one or a Legal one but rather my need to ask someone to repeat what they have just said….My hearing generally is rather good, it always has been…But my ability to block out background noise has become trickier with the Fibro…My ears are fine…Very healthy…In fact thier cleanliness and good health has been commented on by Dr’s…And despite my recent ear infection all is well in the workings of my ear and hearing…So i know its not my actual hearing…

Fibro has many annoying symptoms…But my inability at times to block out background noise is most frustrating…It can make conversations a tad tricky…I do tend to find this problem is more prevalent when i am tired…Add this to the Butterfly mind that Fibro brings with it and conversations at times can be most challenging…I have tried to work out if a particular “pitch” of noise affects my brain…But to date, despite my best efforts, there does not appear to be any one sound that is dominant…

Any loud sound be it a human, animal or machine will have the ability to distract my hearing away from my focus…I always mute TV adverts (except Christmas ones!!) as i find them annoying and especially noisy….The more tired i get the more i will lower a volume or switch it off…We are surrounded by sounds…Some most pleasant…Many not so much so…For me choosing to be still and quiet is the only way for me to recover my energy…Asking someone to repeat themselves is my other solution…There is nothing wrong with saying “pardon”NL x

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