Laughter & Sharing…


Laughter & Sharing…….As much as we will all say at times that we are fine and all is well, it may not be true… It is often at these times that we actually need others the most…To share our troubles and woe’s can allow us to reduce them and or let them go…It can enable us to see things differently…We are often able to go from seeing a “mountain” to realising its actually only a “mole hill”…When we become overly focused within our life and the worries we have, at times our perception can become very distorted…

For me i will talk things though with someone i feel happy doing so…It can be someone i see regularly…But is can also be someone who i do not see all the time but have a connection with…We all experience things in our lives …Often others will be mirroring exactly the same or similar…These can become the ones that you will drift towards…There is i have experienced a natural unspoken emphatic ability that draws people together for a reason…

So even when we feel that no-one understands how we feel someone will appear that does…Sharing is positive…Laughter and not taking life too seriously is also important…The healing power of laughter is immeasurable…Even the Dr’s agree..So share and laugh…Release and let others lessen your load…Share you worries and see the situation from a new angle…Laugh together…Worries take our power away from us…Life is as serious as you allow it to be…So when it gets overwhelming, have a chuckle and share it out…Let others and yourself  reduce the “mountain”…NL x

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