Tears That Heal…


Tears That Heal………It is good to be strong…There is nothing wrong with rolling with the punches and still stand tall…But sometimes you just have to cry…I know i do…I do not see this as a weakness but more my body and souls way of cleansing out my frustrations of everyday life…I at times will sit down especially on a bad day and have a good old cry…It makes me feel better…It recharges my energy…It releases the negative…So open the flood gates and let it all out, be it tears or tantrums releasing it all is of benefit to self….

Tears cleanse the soul…They are a good and positive thing to shed for well being…I used to hold them in but not anymore…If i am in pain they come…If i am frustrated they flow…If i am stressed they appear…I will unabashed cry if the emotion is there, whatever the trigger…I do not do this all the time that would indicate other issues…But sometimes i just need a good bawl…And once it has ceased i am renewed…My energy is cleansed and i feel unblocked…I often find that crying releases a new flow within me…Quite often after a good cry some of the best thoughts i have pop into my head…

So i get that its good to be brave and strong…But for me it is more important to be human and let my emotions out…So happy, sad, angry, frustrated, positive, tearful, laughing, confused, hopeful, reflective, i will react and let out that which i need to…I maybe strong but i am also human and full of emotions…Whatever the emotion is that i am feeling reflects the moment that i am in…To be honest and open about how i feel and to react to that feeling is one of the best things that i can do for my own self…NL x

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