Colour Your World….

2015-09-27 14.52.19.jpg

Colour Your World……….We are surrounded by colour…In nature, at home and in life…It can effect our moods for better or for worse…We are all drawn to certain colours, i know i am…These are the colours that i need around me….We all have an awareness of colour…When my illness became acute i decided to explore many ideas to enhance my well being….

I am fortunate to have been brought up within the Spiritual, Holistic World…So many of the therapies i use have been learnt and enhanced a long the way….I remember doing Yoga & meditation with my Mom when i was very young…This way of life has always been my path…Natural Healing and the Spiritual Way is intrinsic to how i live and who i am…It is my core, my ethos, my way…

So the use of colour to enhance my mood and help in my healing is a natural choice…I find that i am drawn to the colour that is needed at that time in my journey…Thankfully i am not a person who follows fashion…I only follow what my own well being requires…Whatever that may be…It is an awareness of self and listening to my inner voice that leads me forward to best benefit my own self…

Some colours can dampen our mood, whilst others can lighten it….I choose the colours that sing to me…The colours that stand out from the rest….These are the colours that i need….These are the colours that will aid in my healing…They will bring me calm…They will soothe and refresh me….They will protect and defend me…When your needs alter so will your need to change your colours….The colours you have now will evolve into the colours you need next…NL x

“Let your colours in…Let life flow and blossom…Let all that is you become all that you are…Let go of old patterns, allow the new in…Let life be your journey”…NL x

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