Move It…


Move It…….I am not talking about my body…Though i do try to keep moving…Even if it is little and often…I am talking about appointments and plans…For with Fibro all the planning in the world cannot accommodate for its ability to change symptoms in the blink of an eye…So altering plans, postponing or rearranging them is, i have found, the only way…It is preferable to causing myself more stress by trying to attend said commitment…

I used to feel bad about not attending and changing my plans…It felt like i was giving in to my illness…I know that i am unreliable but in actual fact its not me that’s unreliable its my illness…So my days of feeling bad about letting people down is gradually becoming less and less…I did not choose to be ill…But i can choose to make decisions that are best for my well being…Everything can be re-booked, re-organised and re-arranged…

I used to worry about offending friends if i had to cry off…But i have come to realise that my true friends are still be there for me…Any others are quite welcome to leave my life as they clearly brought nothing to my world in the first place…Medical professionals i have found have been most understanding, not surprising really considering their vocation…

So these days i am honest with myself…I do not ask that of myself which i cannot give…If plans have to be changes then so be it…These days it matters not to me who i have to re-organise….My need to look after self matters far more…Focus has to be the continued desire to keep myself as well as i can in the circumstances…No day is the same, therefore all has to remain fluid and pliable..NL x

“Shimmer & shift…Wake & wonder…Grow & gain…Breathe & become…Flow & feel…see & search…Ask & answer…Live & love”NL x

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