Let It All Out…


Let It All Out……..I know that “Still waters run deep”….But bottling things up does me no favours whatsoever…So these days i “let it all out”….I am honest in my needs and open about how i feel…I do my best to explain to others exactly what i need from them to benefit my own well being…Sound selfish??? not at all i am merely “looking after self”….I did initially push others away and try to cope by myself…Bad idea…

Those around me are much happier being useful, so i have gradually let them in…Those that love and support me quite often feel a tad helpless….They all want to heal me but don’t know how….They all try to come up with “helpful” “good” ideas, some of which are just that…Other ideas not so much…But at least they are trying to help…To lower their stress levels over me i do my best to be clear and concise in how they can be a positive influence in my world of Fibro…

I live with my body every day, i kinda have a routine, mainly consisting of being flexible…This “routine”  enables me to get through every day…When first diagnosed i just thought life would be much the same…Denial is a clever human emotion…But reality will always bite you on the bum eventually…

I did not communicate at the start, often i feel because i did not know how to…Knowledge has been and still is my strongest ally…It is this knowledge and the acceptance of my health that has better taught me and therefore enabled me to communicate…So now i am very clear in how i am, what i need and what others can do for me…By letting others help me and being wrapped up in their care and love i’m in a better place and so are they…

When someone you love is ill you want them to be well…So now i let those that love me help me in my journey to wellness…For at the end of the day i am not alone i have others who can support me and give me the strength i need when mine is waning…We are not by nature solitary beings…So these days i embrace my “healing tribe” and let them in on my journey…NL x

“With each new day comes a new start…A new day to begin again…A new day of possibilities…A new day to change old habits…A new day to begin anew” NL x

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