No Nails…

2014-09-24 12.38.25

No Nails…….Now i am not overly girlie…I’ve always been a bit of a tom boy…Wellies and jeans and ponies and dogs (Sadly not so much these days with the animals)…But i have always liked to have good nails…Not talons, i’d be dangerous! & not false ones, they’s be pinging off like missiles!…But i do like tidy, reasonably mid lenght nails…

Unfortunately either my Thyroid or my Fibro is not so keen on this idea…I find that they split, peel and break on a regular basis…Despite my best efforts in my nail care this keeps occurring…I even asked a nail technician what i could do? who recommended rubbing nail repair cream into my cuticle area…Which i do, but with mixed results….So i now find that i generally have shorter nails than i would like…

“And what is the problem with that?” i hear you ask…Well for me it is an annoyance…Being in the situation where my body does not function in harmony with my wishes i would just like one bit that doe’s…I do not feel that my nails growing is too much to ask..I know this may only seem like a minor irritation… But to me it is important to feel good about how i look and call me vain but nice nails are part of this…

Its trying enough being ill at the best of times…But when you are also challenged with your bodies basics not complying with your wishes it can just get galling…I shall persevere and keep working on my poor quality nails…If i give up completely on me then my illness has won and i’m not allowing that….NL x

“To persevere…To continue on…To challenge challenges…To observe & see…To nurture self…To be aware of all…This is living…This is life”NL x


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