Standing Proud…


Standing Proud….We should all do this…No matter where we are in life we have the right to be proud of self…I try to do this regularly…Every day i will say to myself “well done you”…I am here…I have traversed another day…I have plans ahead of me to make my world a better place…And this journey so far, though i wouldn’t swap it, has been and still is quite a ride…

So i’m going to stand proud, or sit proud if i’m on my scoot!!…But proud i shall be of me…Judge away those who do not have empathy or try to understand, for i am who i am with no excuses or apologies…When i am standing (metaphorically speaking as a lot of the time standing and Fibro do not mix very well) tall and holding my head up i literally feel better…When i meet a persons gaze i will hold it with determination and honesty…

My power is in my self belief that i am a strong capable person…This has come from my journey so far in life…I know that there are many others who would not and do not cope with the challenges that i live with everyday…But we can call cope, we all have that inner capability. and strength..There are others who cope with much bigger challenges than i do each day…So though i am strong i am also humble…

If you look at nature each tree no matter how tall will stand tall and strong but it will also be flexible and change with each season…NL x

“I am my power…I am my freedom…I am my best advocate…I am my own healer…I am my own best friend…I am my own self”NLx


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