Sick & Tired…

2015-07-19 20.27.18

Sick & Tired…….It sums up exactly how i feel most of the time…The tired i am used too..It’s the queasy nauseous feelings that i have to cope with that i do not like…Stomach sickness is quite common with Fibro…I was diagnosed with gastritis in my 20’s, fast forward to having my gallbladder being whipped out and my poor stomach doesn’t know which way is up…

It doesn’t take a lot for my food to become a real battle in my stomach between accepting or rejecting…One in-balance can take days sometimes weeks for me to re-balance restore calm… Added to being caught out occasionally with my food allergies and its quite an unpredictable relationship that i have with food…Foods that have been accepted can be rejected without warning or reason….

However i trained in Holistic Nutrition to aid my health and well being, so at least i have some knowledge that makes things a little easier…Food is a necessity of life…We cannot avoid food…We all have developed a relationship with food since birth…We all have trigger pints and a history with food…When food problems are thrown into the mix in relation with health matters it becomes a whole new journey…

But i never forget that i have the power to gain knowledge…I have the freedom to make choices for my own well being…Food can be my best friend or at times my worst enemy…But my bodies reaction will be telling me something….I also bear in mind that the “sick” feeling can be linked to stress and anxiety…

I have dealt with food rejection since childhood….I have had numerous tests and been in and out of hospital at times…But i have found that the best person to re-balance my body is me…So as with all things Fibro and health related i continue to take each day as it comes…With each set back or challenge comes my opportunity to find a solution and gain yet more knowledge…So “sick & tired?” absolutely; but giving up?? never!!…NL x

“Sometimes to be still is all that is required…If we take a moment to listen to our inner self then life will become calmer…We will become calmer…All will become calmer”NL x


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