Hope……It is what life s about..Even in the most difficult of times hope is ever present…The hope for change…The hope for a cure…The hope for life ever improving…I never give up hope…I mix it with sheer determination not to give up and a huge amount of stubbornness…I am on a quest to discover why my health is as it is…My focus is to find out how to re-balance my body…

My mission of healing is not just for myself, but rather to share whatever i discover to aid others in their journey to their well being…I believe that knowledge should always be shared…To share that which is gained is to benefit the greater good of all…We are after all a collective…We may have individual energies but our etheric connection binds us as one…So to not share information would be detrimental to not just the one but the many…

So i will continue to dig to find a solution to the questions that i have…With each question eventually will come an answer…With the answers will come a way forward…With my path ahead their is hope…Hope for all like me to be well again…Discoveries happen every day…One of these days ahead there will be that “discovery day” that will lead to my health improving…I will keep going until that day has come, and then i will keep going for all the others that are further behind me in their journey…NL x

“Never give up hope…Hope is always within us…Hope is part of the human psyche…Hope is why we continue when times are difficult…Never give up hope”NL x



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