Questions & Answers…


Questions & Answers….We all have them…It is the way that we should be in life…For without them how would we gain knowledge?…But i feel that with my Fibro and related illness’s that this is an ongoing priority…I try my best to fathom out the root cause that has put my health where it is now…My Thyroid crashing seems to have been the beginning of my spiral…The Fibro confirmed closely after, as was the ME/CFS diagnosis…

Though i have had a mixed health all my life who is to say that the potential imbalances did not happen many years ago and that my body just coped until it could do so no longer??…More recently i do wonder if hormone imbalance could be my root cause?…

There are so many theories available that it becoming very confusing,  complicating the confusion further is that all my conditions seem to mirror each other?…But what if my issues were and are based in a hormones imbalance that has lead to a domino effect within my bodies health?……I keep seeing information regarding T3/T4 imbalances, could this be my issue?..How then do i restore balance when there are so many theories of my root cause?…Where do i start?…

Logically it is with my Dr…But with cut backs in the NHS it has become increasingly difficult to have tests done on what is in effect a hunch…Diagnosis are done in a certain way, they tend to be at times rather sweeping and put you within a certain umbrella of symptoms and conditions resulting in a diagnosis…This then makes me wonder what gets missed?…Could i already be cured if another route had been taken in my diagnosis?…

So i will continue to ask questions…I will continue to seek new knowledge…In my logic those of us who live with our health conditions surely have a greater insight as to how it may have begun or how it may be solved?…So i shall continue in my quest…For all questions eventually are answered…NL x

“To question is to learn…To learn is to gain freedom…Freedom gives power…Power is all we need to break free and become who we are”NL x



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