To Sleep..To Dream..


To Sleep..To Dream……..They say, the people that know these things, that our dreams are our subconscious mind letting us know of the things that we are unaware of but are processing…Dreams can apparently allow us to realise what is worrying us…They are windows to our thoughts be they past, present or future…Now on the whole i am a believer of these theories…Except when you put Fibro in the mix…Weird dreams are yet another Fibro symptom…So with Fibro a whole new dream experience can manifest itself…

I find on the whole that dreams do not bother me…In fact most of mine are positively pleasant…However i am aware that with Fibro can come more unpleasant dreams…I have no idea why, but they do occur, though thankfully for me they are not very frequent…I have never been a person who has disturbing or unsettling dreams…But when my Fibro becomes very acute i have been known to have rather odd and sometimes frightening dreams…

I am sure this all related to what ever is going on in my brains pathways that appears, if research is correct so far, to be the route cause of my Fibro problems…Mind you with medical break through’s and advancements that will all probably change…But for now armed with my research and information i shall be thankful of my understanding of why such dreams occur…My sleep will continue i am sure to be random and generally un-refreshing, but sleep i shall until a better understanding is reached about Fibro and all its complexities…NL x

“To live…To dream…To laugh…To love…To sigh…To give…To take…To be”NL x

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