Stronger Now…


Stronger Now…….It may sound bonkers but i do feel stronger now…Despite all the challenges that life has, and does. and i am sure will throw at me i am stronger than i  ever was…Now i get that some of this may be down to my growing maturity??…There does come with age the attitude for me of “i do not need your approval”…I also find that my mouth opens and out comes what i need to say before i can stop it…Oh lets face it i have no interest in stopping it…I say what i need to for my well being…And do i care much if it might ruffle the odd feather or dent an ego???not much…

I have found over the years that many, many people are only interested in their world…And i have in the past bent myself miss-shaped to fit in with their needs…But if being ill has taught me one very important thing it is I COME FIRST…So if i don’t fit into someone else’s world then so be it, it’s of no great loss to me…Those who really matter are always there for me…Those who are self absorbed can stay in their own world of self importance, they are not my kinda of people anyway…

Self awareness and boundaries are my mantra’s these days…So ill i maybe but weak i am not…And whoa betide anyone who thinks i will not speak my mind…Or that i will not walk away form you if you try to take too much from me, or give nothing…My time and energy are precious and i choose very wisely to whom and to what i use it for…

With this strength that has grown out of my life challenges has come a clearer perspective on what and who are important…And though my life has been quite a ride so far i wouldn’t have missed a second of it…For within the journey has been all the wisdom i have accumulated thus far…It is this wisdom that has given me my strength…NL x

“Never doubt yourself…Never ask if you can…Only ask “when can i”…We all have inner strength…Let your strength rise up…Emerge into your true self”NL x

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