Summer Nights…

2013-09-21 19.56.34

Summer Nights………There is nothing quite like warm summer nights…I know we are not quite there yet….But nature is moving in the right direction…”Hurrah for that” say i …It has been a very long and very difficult winter this year and i for one am glad that the warmer weather is beginning to show itself…

Life can be tricky enough without the added effects from ongoing bad weather…I am always relieved to hear Fibro people saying that they have struggled with the weather and feel rubbish as i know that potentially my heath has not worsened it’s just that i need to “dry out” so to speak…

I am still learning to take care of self…I doubt that journey will ever end…But i am proud of how far i have come…Each season brings new challenges…But i am learning all the time how best to be good to self…Each season will and does pass…Be that in life or in the changes within the planet…For now i will just be glad for the warmer weather and look forward to days and evenings spent in good company without so many aches and pains…Bring on the sunshine… NL x

” We all have a journey…We may not be sure what it is…But we will all get to where we need to be…Life maybe a puzzle…But all puzzles are eventually solved”NL x

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