And Breathe…


And Breathe………Sounds simple enough?…We do this automatically do we not?…The human body will always try its best to keep us living…But with Fibro remember that all of the body is effected…This then includes your lungs…I have very good lungs…I have never smoked…I have been, and still am a swimmer, when health allows!!…So in theory breathing for me should be no problem…

However i do struggle…My lungs do not perform as they did due to the Fibro…I find that i will involuntarily sigh…Sometimes i just do not seem to be able to get enough breath into my body…I know how to breathe, i’ve been doing it for a while!!…I know of yoga and relaxation breathing techniques, all of which i use…However there are times when i feel that i just cannot “catch my breath”….This can be when i seem not to be over doing things…It can occur when i am just pottering or simply sitting and relaxing….

Obviously exertion brings a change in my breathing…Though even with this it does not take much for my body to struggle to get its breath…I know this is the Fibro, it is one of the many symptoms…For me it is frustrating and at times can be unsettling…Breathing is rather important in relation to the existence of life… Therefore struggling to breath can be rather stressful…Which in itself is not helpful!!…

There are also the weird chest palpitations that randomly occur causing yet further anxiety…Not forgetting the bubbly fluttering sensation that rises up my chest area which also impedes my normal breathing pattern…And then there’s the sharp stabbing pains that happen upon my taking a deeper breath…The deeper breath obviously being taken to try to balance my feeling of a lack of breath…

And so i go on….Round in my circle of symptoms…Most of which have the ability to cause stress and anxiety…Which then cause more symptoms!?…And breathe…Because even though breathing may at times be a challenge and even though i may feel i just cannot get my breath, i quietly say to myself “just breathe”…Breathe in and breathe out…Let it become natural again rather than yet another battle with my symptoms…At the end of the day i am still breathing and that in itself is a bonus…NL x

“Take a breath…Become aware of that breath…Let it flow within you…Breathe in the positive…Breathe out the negative…Breathe & just be”NL x

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