Me No Techno!!…


Me No Techno……….In a world of technology and social media i am, i feel, on the sidelines…My Fibro brain gets easily overloaded with all of the information that is required to be stored and processed!!…I am happy to be connected but i haven’t the excess energy or ability to keep anything that isn’t vital in my brain and memory…It takes all of my Fibro depleted cognitive abilities to remember what day it is let alone anything else!?!…

If it’s not on a list, in a dairy on sent in a letter then it is unlikely that it will happen….Sensory overload applies to all areas of how i function…So taking on new anything is a big challenge…The problem with new is it tends to cause tress and anxiety…This then triggers a Fibro relapse….By the time i am recovered and re-balanced i have usually forgotten anything new that i may have managed to learn..

Trying to get my brain to absorb and incorporate new is a stress in itself…So i stick to the basics…I deal with that which i know, and if i have to learn new i do so very very slowly…In the past i would get frustrated when things wouldn’t make sense or go into my brain, sometimes i still do… I try to stay within my abilities so that i can avoid being angry with myself…There is very little point in getting annoyed with myself as it is just detrimental….I cannot change how it is, i can only find coping mechanisms…

I am diagnosed dyslexic(spell check is a wonderful tool!!)but i am also intelligent, well read and well educated…I believe a boundary is only there if you allow it to be so…It is the Fibro Fog that causes me my biggest blocks…I can’t control it…I literally feel that my brain is made of cotton wool…No matter how i try i am frequently unable to comprehend the information either being asked of me or being given to me…

I often “zone out” when i should be concentrating…I don’t mean to, i think its just my bodies way of saying “you’re done”….My brain politely but firmly takes me to my “spaced out place” where it can have a rest…I will return at some point…I don’t mind it’s a good place to be it allows myself and my brain to cope with the sensory overload that is going on around me…There is nothing wrong with “time out”…& though i love good company, being honest there are times when being in my own “quiet place” is not so bad …..NL x

“We all need to grow…We all need space to develop…To become self …If we restrict ourselves we will struggle to become who we really are…Be limitless”NL x

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