Something? Or Nothing?…


Something? or Nothing?……….So the question is whether to do or not to do?…Today is Sunday, though most days feel like Sunday to me…I have moderate energy…So do i do some things that i have been waiting to do until i have the energy? or not?…I’m not talking huge and over the top things…Just normal stuff like change my bedding and do some washing…Maybe also do some cooking so i have food prepared for a couple of days…this is always a dilemma….

If i do these things will i trash my energy levels for the rest of the week??…Or will i be ok??…It’s not as simple as thinking “well i have done this before and been ok”…There are no such guarantees with Fibro…What can be achieved on day will sap the life out of you when attempted on another day…So i go back to my rest and recharge theory…I attempt a task and see how i feel, not just during but after as well…If i feel ok then i may attempt another task..

The problem comes when having started for example cooking you can hardly say “oops i need to leave that task as i have run out of energy”…The cooker unfortunately won’t finish the food for me…For me food has to be prepared from scratch due to my food allergies….So no filling the freezer with ready meals for me…The same applies to everything…Having decided lets say to change my bedding i then have to remake my bed, and at some point wash the removed bedding…Usually at some point i will run out of steam to complete any given task that i decided to begin…

So i ask again do something?? or do nothing??…But to do nothing would mean that i would stagnate and not achieve anything…I would cease to know where my boundaries are or be able to push them…To do something may mean that i make myself worse?…For me this is the preferred option is to do something…However i have, and am learning when to do “something” and when to do “nothing”…Practice, patience and perseverance i am sure will eventually prove positive…NL x

“Life can be simple…Do what is best for you…Always be kind to yourself…See to your needs first…Focus on your Well being & Being well”NL x

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