Scoot Along…


Scoot Along………My legs do not like being used…They dislike standing…And generally i get very hot burning legs after use…So i use a scoot (mobility scooter)…I have a boot scoot…Which means i have “legs” wherever i go…In theory its a lightweight non all terrain scoot…But i find that its much more capable than its specs say…Or maybe that’s just me and my inability to have boundaries!?…Either way scoot and i have been on quite a few adventures…

I do pop out to the shops and i go for days out….I do tend to drive as fast as i can go (max 6mph down hill on a good surface!!)…And on occasion i do bump into the odd bit of shelving!?…The shelving, i have found, is very hardy and scoot and i have thus far survived unscathed…Most people smile at me and my scoot…Other scoot riders nod or say hello, its like having our own little club…

I find on the whole that people are most helpful when i am out and about on scoot…Though there can be the tenancy from some to talk to me as if i am elderly and slightly senile??…I am neither that i am aware of??…However to be spoken to gently and with kindness is preferable to being ignored…”Surely not ignored?” i hear you say…I get that it is probably because they don’t know what to do…But yes scoot and i do get ignored often quite purposefully…But it makes me smile…For this is a reflection of them not me…

But a smile costs nothing…I am the one in the scoot and i am still smiling…I am more than happy smile at others…A smile can brighten a day….It can make someone believe that they still matter…It can make someone feel that they have been noticed..In our world of stress and PC for me a smile is simple and inoffensive…For me a smile simply says i have seen you and i acknowledge your existence…To me to give a smile is as important as to receive a smile…And i feel better when i smile…NL x

“We all exist…No matter the level of existence…We are here…We seek acknowledgement…We look for a purpose…Do not become invisible”NL x

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