Bright Lights…


Bright Lights……I have mentioned sensory overload before…It is a constant conundrum for me to decide which of my senses are overloading more at any one time…At the moment i have the joy of being in British springtime…The clocks have “sprung” forward and the mornings are lighter…Oh joy!!not…Whilst i am sure many are enjoying this, i am not…This to me means that light wakes me up as soon as it appears…

In an attempt to combat this i require the use of blackout curtains…For having had my normal broken nights sleep and maybe only just be nodding off again at say 4 am i do not need to be roused from my slumber by daylight streaming into my bedroom…But it’s quite a palaver trying to stop the daylight coming in…I am sure for many that this is not a problem that rolling over to drop back off to sleep is easily done…But for me ignoring the daylight is not an option, i wish it was…

So blackouts and darkness are the only way forward for me…To rest successfully and sleep when i need to requires no daylight…The lack of light enables me to sleep as properly as i can and be as rested as my Fibro allows…I still hold onto my belief that one day the very clever clinicians will, as they have done before with many illnesses, work out this Fibro thing and we will all be ok …But for right now i will just use my blackout curtains so that i can try to rest and recharge so that i may fight another day…NL x

“Life is never the same…It changes in a moment…Be ready for the changes…Do not fear change…Change always takes us where we need to go…& it will always change” NL x

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