Everyday Tasks…

2014-10-01 10.11.43

Everyday Tasks……..It amazes me how much energy is required for everyday tasks…Just the challenge of getting out of bed and getting ready for the day requires an inordinate amount of my precious energy…And that’s before such daily requirements of nourishment are tackled!!…

The planning and juggling i do to achieve even the simplest of necessary and basic needs would at times put the military to shame!?…The ability to think on my feet and change such plans also can be most impressive…Especially for someone such as myself with the joy of  “Fibro Fog” cognitive impairment…

Perish the thought that i may want to add to my energy requirements by needing to go shopping…Or the need for me to attend an appointment…However i do these days tend to re-plan, re-book or postpone if it is better for me to do so…I have to judge pretty much on an ever changing basis what can be attempted and or achieved…

There are no guarantees of anything when Fibro is part of the equation…However quick thinking, honesty, self awareness and an ability to constantly adapt are my secret weapons…Add some logic and a liberal dose of pure stubbornness and determination into the mix and then you have how i cope day to day…

Activity and rest is i have found is the only way to keep some assemblance of balance within my life…I have learnt that if i have a day with an unavoidable and demanding task then the next two or three days will require more time for recharging to redress the “extra” spent energy….

If i have an excess of energy(very rare!!) i try my best not to rush about like a whirlwind doing all the things that i haven’t been able to do for ages…I have done this in the past very much to my detriment…So lesson learnt, sort of,  and the excess energy remains in the body batteries so to speak…

Each required task is carefully assessed and only the absolute minimum of energy is used to complete it…Working out the best way to save energy is for me paramount at all times…In my mind the saving of energy on the boring stuff leaves more energy for the good stuff…NL x

“Every day is as it is…Every moment in time is new…Every action requires thought…Every action has choices…Every life will ebb & flow”NL x

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