Keep Pushing…


Keep Pushing……….I get that having a life limiting illness means that doing what you have loved to do in the past may not be something that you feel that you can do now….My questions to myself are always “have you tried? have you adapted and found a solution? are you being realistic?”…I am a great believer in thinking outside the box and asking questions…I can and do achieve personal goals but this is only possible due to my recognition that this will have to be on a more gentle level and that consistency is not something i can rely on…

I have found that choosing my favourite pastimes and dialling them down can and does work for me…My body does not have the capabilities to achieve that which i have achieved before…I am at this time in my life and health limited as to what i can do to benefit my body and therefore myself…For now i am not that person who was always on the go…So i will adapt and adjust expectations so that i can still do the things that bring me the greatest joy…

I swim when possible, i am part fish, it is good for my well being on so many levels…These days however the water needs to be warmer and the lengths swum less than they would have been…But i am still swimming it may not be every week or even every month but i will do my best to achieve this whenever i am able…Ditto for an occasional ride on my sisters pony…Again it will only be a leisurely walk around the block but its still important…

Achievements can still be fulfilled…They just become new ones with goals that reflect our present capabilities and are not reflective of my past…The past has gone…I will and do choose to deal with the present…I will continue to push my boundaries so that i know where they are…Sometimes the boundaries will push back, and that’s ok, i will just keep moving forward and adapting with each challenge…I will stubbornly continue until i find a way to achieve my goal…It may appear to others as small achievement, but it will be a huge success to me…NL x

“Each day has hope…Each day is different…Each day we can achieve…Never give up on self…We are our own best motivators…Be your own best friend”NL x

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