Tired & Tetchy…


Tired & Tetchy…….Now generally i am upbeat and positive…But there are days, even weeks, when i can have a run of what i call my tired and tetchy days…These are times when despite my perception of being as rested as i can be i am out of sorts…The slightest thing will either really annoy me or result in me bursting into tears…This is i feel directly related to tiredness…I have “panda” dark eyes (a big sign of over tiredness for me) and the tenancy to drop things on a regular basis…

When like this i am not good company and tend to keep myself to myself…My solution is to eat well, make sure my fluid intake is spot on and rest (no change there then!!)…I am not aware of making myself more over tired than usual but i can only assume this is the root cause?…I did on reflection do slightly more than the norm over the past week (how very dare i!?!) but i also, i thought, rested accordingly to balance the extra activity….

However this week i am definitely a grumpy individual with poor hand eye co-ordination and a tendency for rather extreme mood swings!!…So i choose to squirrel myself away rather than inflict myself on the general population!!…This too shall pass, as do all the “extra” tricky times…But honestly this need for constant self awareness with this health game can be rather exhausting in itself??!….But continue i shall, and re-balance i will… NL x

“Life is a joy…Despite its challenges…Positive & negative allows us to feel…To know happiness & sadness is to have lived…To live surpasses mere existence” NL x

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