Lazy Days & Sunshine…

2015-07-19 17.18.13

Lazy Days & Sunshine………Not forgetting fresh air and good company…Picnics and adventures out in good company…This is what the better weather brings to me….I can feel the warmth when i get out of bed…I can feel the improvement in my body…My energy increases my aches and pains decrease…My ability to cope with my daily trails and tribulations seem to increase…All this seemingly attributed to the large bright object in the sky…It also comes from the shift in my energy that the better days are here…

Of course this always backs up my plan to visit a warm place in the winter…Or even to live in a warm place…Both are an option that i keep open…I feel that life is still full of possibilities…I know for myself that life is never predictable…I find and have found the ability to adapt is something that helps enormously when faced with the twists and turns that this journey of life brings…I am learning to live more in the moment more than ever before…I accept that each day will be different…

I am still learning to communicate my needs more to those around me…I am letting others see that i am not the strong person that they have all relied on over the years…I am ensuring that those that i have always supported now support me..If they cannot do this then i do not spend time with them…I have not the time or energy to deal with their issues i have only the time and energy to cope with mine…This is about me…I will and should put myself first and so should you…”Looking after self ” has become my new mantra…NL x

“Keep those who give in equal measure close to you…Let go of those who cannot adapt to the new you…Make each day about self care and TLC…Be the most important person in your life”NL x

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