Looking Good…


Looking Good…Making the effort…It is i feel essential that though i feel rubbish that i do my best to feel good about myself…Personal care i am convinced plays a huge part in this…I believe that how we feel about ourselves can have a huge effect on our well being….With this ethos in mind i try each day to make an effort in myself…Even on a jim jam day i will ensure a fresh set of jim jams or comfy clothes is put on…I will do my best to tidy my hair, brush my teeth and at least have a wash of some kind…All these make me feel more human and fresher for the day ahead…Even if the day may be spent on the sofa resting!?!…

The time i do my very best in my appearance is for the WWII 40’s events that i try my very best to attend…This pic was at the SVR and was taken a few years ago…The energy at such events is very uplifting and the extended 40’s “family” are always a joy to catch up with…Though my turnout is not of this standard on a day to day level i do honestly hold with the thought pattern that to feel better in ourselves we need to take responsibility for implementing the process of self help to promote a better well being within self…

So even though some days i do not want to do anything i know that this is a detrimental spiral and i will purposefully focus on turning this negative mood into a positive outcome…Being happy in myself is the most positive gift i can give myself…And though some days are tougher than others i will do my very best to initiate the process of  shifting my mood into a more positive place…A big part of this is personal grooming and personal care…Being proud of who we are is a huge step towards self healing and inner balance…NL x

“Be proud of how far you have come…Release any guilt you may hold from your past…The past has gone…Move forward…Love and treasure yourself”NL x

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